aka Amy

  • I live in Gotham
  • My occupation is Gotham vigilante
  • I am the Red Hood
  • HunterofArtemis12

    We need more templates, etc. What do you guys say? And, BTW I need a little help with the coding. Someone, speak now or forever hold your peace! 

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  • HunterofArtemis12


    February 23, 2013 by HunterofArtemis12

    This Wiki needs a point system. An example would be like this: I can help set it up, and add the images needed. It is not hard! It also, gives you a goal and a purpose. All in favor?

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    Undercover Agent

    February 17, 2013 by HunterofArtemis12

    In case nobody figured it out yet, I'm an u services agent kinda sorta not really. I just take a look at Wikis and report to Community Central on how they are doing. For example: do you need more admins? Chat mods? RBs??? Or, I can watch the people spamming, using the wiki falsely and kick them off. I also, love to help with adoptions so I survey the people who want to adopt and again, tell CC. So, still be who you are with me but be sure to be responsible!

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    Woah! Seriously?

    February 16, 2013 by HunterofArtemis12

    Dudes, if you want this Wiki to get popular you need more than 6 pages lol. Ill try to recruit some people for you who has adopted this site (you know which you are) I saw your adoption request and thought "Heck ill check it out. Looks like it needs a miracle." :) I don't know anything really about this game but ill make small edits, details, info, spelling and spams.

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