Please note that conducting these experiments requies cards. They're not high level cards nor are they difficult to obtain. Please send us your trash.

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This experiment focused on determining whether or not an evolved card had a greater enhancement impact than the basic cards it consisted of.

The result is that an evolved card will give more growth for less cost than enhancing a target card with each of the basic cards that composed the evolved sample.


To perform the experiment, we used the following unimproved cards:

A. A found version of Izuna Prototype

Exp 0001 001

Izuna Prototype

B. A found version of Squire
Exp 0001 002


C. An evolved Orange Starly (which is created by evolving cards A and B together)
Exp 0001 003

Orange Starly

D. A found (from a draw pack) Unicorn
Exp 0001 004


E. A found (from a draw pack) Unicorn
Exp 0001 004




We took a found Izuna Prototype (A) and used it to enhance a found Unicorn (D).

This process cost us 800 Gil and resulted in:

Exp 0001 005

Unicorn enhanced with Izuna Prototype

Attack: 2406

Defense: 2564

Level: 2 (71%)


We then took the now enhanced Unicorn and enhanced it further with a Squire (B) This process cost us an additional 900 Gil and resulted in:

Exp 0001 006

A Unicorn enhanced with Izuna Prototype and Squire

Attack: 2542

Defense: 2678

Level: 3 (88%)

All told, this card cost 1700 gil to enhance to this point using an Izuna Prototype and a Squire. We'll now compare this result to that of an Orange Starly:


We took an evolved Orange Starly (C) and used it to enhance a found Unicorn (E).

This process cost 900 Gil and resulted in this:

Exp 0001 007

A Unicorn enhanced with an Orange Starly

Attack: 2678

Defense: 2792

Level: 4 (63%)


By enhancing the Unicorn with an Izuna Prototype and a Squire separately, we spent 1700 Gil and got a Unicorn that was greatly inferior to the alternative.

Even if we minimize the costs by enhancing the Unicorn with both an Izuna Prototype and a Squire at the same time it still costs 1200 Gil - though we can't confirm that the results of the enhancement would be the same as they were having done them one at a time.

By spending 300 Gil to create an Orange Starly out of the Izuna Prototype and Squire, we were then able to enhance the Unicorn with it at an additional cost of 900 Gil. All told we spent 1200 Gil and wound up with a far more powerful Unicorn,


It is better to use evolved cards to enhance the cards you wish to keep than to use the individual components based on this experiment.

Other experiments will need to be conducted using different cards in order to substantiate this theory, but for now it appears that using the most potent card possible also grants the most growth and does so at a lower cost.

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